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     As a researcher it is hard for me to fathom the fact that some of the UFO researchers close their minds to all relative material that comes their way.  If you are to learn the reality behind the alien agenda, you must first rid yourself of judgment.  This is not an easy task.  Everyone carries some kind of agenda.  When I first started to research the UFO extra-terrestrial phenomena, I had a certain view.  There was much I did not know, but I kind of had an idea how things were going to play out.  Much to my amazement I was totally and completely wrong!  I remember as a child listening to a preacher talk about hell and how it was called the bottomless pit.  So true this information is, that it parallels the bottomless pit.  Why do I call it a bottomless pit?  My reasons are because endless hours I have studied and I have found no joy.  I have found secrecy, deceit, lies, power, corruption, foolishness, perversion, seduction and wickedness that has no limits. 

     I remember speaking with a man who studied the New World Order.  He related to me that if I was truly going to study the New World Order, that I would come to a cross in the road and that road would be marked "The Alien Agenda".  This was a man of 83 years.  I was taught in my youth to respect your elders.  Of course, that motto doesn't work in this day and age. What a tangled web man weaves.  As I began to share with other UFO researchers, when they found out that I had a spiritual background (not religious), they would immediately blank their mind of everything I said.  I would ask about their spiritual beliefs and they would either reply, "It's none of your business, or I have no spiritual background".  How can you study UFOs, E.T.s, and the New World Order thoroughly without a spiritual background?  Maybe their idea of my framework is that I am a religious Sunday-going soothsayer that quotes Bible verses on my way to the local porn shop.  Christians have such a bad name, and such bad habits, that they have sickened the secular world's eye towards Christianity.  I believe there are many dimensions in this world and we are only casting eyes on one.  I'm a bit tired of hearing the same Roswell story over and over and over again.  Oh no, this time I'll tell it to you a little differently than you heard it last time.  I find it interesting that most UFOlogists are digging in the past, but they can't come up with any answers for the future.  And of course we have our "Christian UFOlogists", which are no more than a Christian club playing with space ships.  And if you are not in their click, they'll treat you with all of the pride they carry and demean you with their fake smiles and degrading expressions.  So, now we have two sides:  We have the secular side who could give a rip about any spiritual gain through research, and of course we have the other side, with the "Jesus Agenda", and yet, these boys do not even understand who Jesus really is.  Scary stuff.  I believe we all have a piece of the puzzle and if we could somehow come into a unity, we might learn a few things.  I do struggle with E.T.'s are here for our good.  I hear eloquent speakers give foolish testimony towards an agenda of bringing technology from another dimension into this world so we can live peacefully.  Here we go again.  Let's live peacefully without serving the Lord of the earth.  How can one believe in these inter-dimensional beings and yet not give credence to the Creator of the Universe? This almost seems like an oxymoron.  Strange. . . It seems the secular side of UFOlogy tend to think they are more open-minded than most.  I would have to argue this.  And to put an icing on a cake, you'll find the mass media, History Channel and the Sci-Fi Channel give zero attention to anything having to do with a spiritual phenomena or dimensional effect.  I am now learning why.  There are two forces that make up life:  a positive energy and a negative energy.  Without the positive and the negative things don't run.  These positive and negative energies are not always seen to the eye, but they must exist for life to continue.  I am finding out that those that say they have no spiritual background, actually are hiding a spiritual background.  The reason they will not admit to a spiritual background is because they douse themselves in the negative energy. Call this Luciferian if you will.  I am even finding out that many of the Luciferian worshippers hide themselves in the false glory of the Christian media.  The Christian media is picking up pace to control the masses on a different scale.  They even have their pet name called, "the religious right".  What if the religious right was religiously wrong!!  All these powers, Luciferian and false religion are all but one power.  They are part of the negative energy.  This negative energy has convinced many that it will rule in the latter days.  When one says they have an open mind, it is usually a clue that their mind is closed up like a bank vault.  I am one that loves to learn, but unfortunately, I have learned too much.  With knowledge comes great responsibility.  It is my responsibility, as a man with a positive energy, to inform the masses of what is really going on.  For those that say they are open minded, I'm not sure I can say it's open-mindedness, maybe it's called, "mind-breaking".  Maybe it's called, "mind-control".  Maybe it's called, "mind-altering".  So the next time you quote yourself as being open-minded, think again upon this article and realize where you stand