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An Open Letter to Those behind the New World Order

      I start this letter with confronting those that are behind the New World Order and its domination of the mass public around the world.  All of your secrecy is hidden and all of your works are done in the dark, but realize that soon your agenda will come to light.  Your plans will be interrupted by a force that you have not dealt with.  Your agenda of this New World Order is built upon greed, secrecy, power, manipulation, and last but not least, technology.  I write this in the light knowing you are watching our every move.  I feel sorry for your limited spiritual awareness and your lack of truth.  You have been deceived.  This is why you deceive others.  You think you are sly, but it is in your own opinion.  There are many radio shows that talk about your every move.  I understand how they know your every move.  You hired them.  Fear is your friend, but fear will soon be your enemy.  You will be amazed in the near future how a Divine spiritual power will empower the weak to withstand your evil.  You will be in awe, and as we covered our mouths in awe of the evil you caused on 911, you will cover your mouth in the awe of the weak being empowered by the Divine. 

     Your technology that you have sold to the public as human minds growing and maturing, in fact is stolen from the great deceiver.  You have come to such a place that even those that love to sleep are beginning to wake up to your endeavors.  Those that you have entrusted with your secret lies will turn against you and do away with you as you have planned to do away with us.  Japan and China are aware of your secret plan and they are ready to act when you give the order.  You have worked so very hard corrupting the American people and hiring police officers which once patrolled our streets with integrity, and changed them to become animals as you are.  You have mixed the DNA of humans and animals to create a breed that will serve you.  I believe this breed will in time serve you, but more in the fashion of serving you up for dinner.

     You have controlled Mother Nature and her weather.  You have received knowledge from another dimension giving  you pertinent information on how to control the weather systems of this world.  I am truly amazed at your pride.  Pride comes before destruction.  Your bet is that the weak will be destroyed.  My knowledge is that the evil will be destroyed.  You are facing a wall where the Divine Creator will delete you from this world and every other world.  You will be no more.  With this reality in place I ask you a simple question: Was it worth it?  You're gaining nothing.  A few riches in this world, which have no worth. 

     You have hired Hollywood as your slave.  The celebrities kiss your royal behinds and do all that they are asked.  In turn they receive a healthy reward of illusional money and limited power.  And when these celebrities step out of line, your line, they are eliminated and met with an accidental fate.  Car accidents, drug overdoses, heart attacks, and such are your specialties.  I understand the underlined code through your "so-called" blockbuster movies.  You must first show us what you're going to do, before you do it.  The public calls it science fiction, you call it "the truth".  Again, you will be interrupted.  You will succeed in some battles, but the weak will win the war.  And what you do not realize is that the weak will stand back and let the Divine fight the war.  This is why you cannot win.  You were created by a Creator who knows your every move.  You forgot that your surveillance is copied off the Divine Creator.  You are the imitator, He is the reality. 

     I am often amazed at how sometimes your knowledge can make you become so very stupid.  I believe you sometimes believe your own lies.  Most of you behind the agenda carry so much fear that you must shake as someone that has Parkinson's.  I still have compassion for you.  There is still time for you to turn and join those that stand in the light.  I know the truth about your staged ministries.  You hired these young ministers at an early age and mentored them to be as evil as you.  Clever how you used the name of God and Jesus Christ as a cover blanket for your dastardly deeds. Sly move.  Unfortunately, you're exposed once again.  Too bad the public does not know that they are tithing to the New World Order. 

     It is interesting your play on words and the fear you have installed in the public pertaining to death.  Death is the door.  You fear the door because once through the door, another dimension arises.  You are not welcome in that dimension because of your wickedness.  For those that walk in the light, this is a Divine door.  It is a door to the end of fear, to the end of sickness, to the end of wickedness, to the end of pride and self and every other monumental demon.  You have controlled the people through sickness and the fear of death.  When this agenda is fully exposed once again your plan will be interrupted.  The dark side will not protect you.  Your secret oaths and blatant symbols will not save your flesh.  You can feed off of young flesh as much as you desire, but it will not bring you youth. 

     You have run so rampant in your plan that few people that carry the Divine power are left to pray for you.  Without the few that carry the Divine source, praying for you, your days are numbered.  It will not be the weak that you seek to destroy that will come against you, but the warring angelic dominion sent by the Divine Creator to fight this all powerful spiritual war.  You do not stand a chance.  I write this letter to kindly ask you to stand down.  I write this letter in Divine warning that what is about to come will befall you.  I kindly ask you to consider turning and joining the side of light while you still have time.  There are those of you that will not turn to the side of light under any circumstances.  Your soul has been corrupted to a point of no return, but I believe love is a power and I will reach out to help you and pray for you in these last minutes of the game.  The Grand Illusion is almost over.  The spiritual ones have foretold the future and have entered the travel of time to see the outcome.  You have dove into a subject of spirituality that you do not understand.  There is a standard of laws and physics that only the Creator controls.  Once again I warn you, you will lose.  The illusion you have given the mass public will be the illusion you are given yourself.  You will actually think you are winning this spiritual war. Every season has a beginning and every season has an end.  Your season is about to end. 

     You stand behind a New World Order and you hide your name.  Do you not get tired of being a shadow?  A shadow is never in the front lines.  A shadow denotes lack of power.  Until you stand in front and give your name of who you are and what you are doing, you are fearful and weak.  I call out to you in love and integrity to surrender.  You will be treated the same way that I have been, which is with unlimited grace and mercy.  There is no one on this earth that deserves the grace and mercy that we are given by the Divine Nature.  Do not listen to those voices in your head.  Many of you in the shadows have already sacrificed your own flesh.  You carry guilt, you carry shame and you carry fear which leads to depression.  There are still a few minutes left in this spiritual game.  Avoid the consequences and surrender while you can.  The MK-Ultra plan is over.  Your super warriors that you have built will be turned against you.  I pray you heed these words as these words can be the key to freedom from your bondage. 

 Ronnie McMullen
Host of UFO Encounters Live