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The Show At Lake Havasu


You might have noticed nowhere in the news that on March 18th at 7:00p.m. a huge boomerang shaped UFO flew over Lake Havasu City, Arizona and shocked witnesses.  This ship did not make one pass, it did not make two passes, but in fact, made four passes back and forth across the city.  It was apparent that fighter jets accompanied this craft as witnesses stated, according to MUFON.  Hereís what I find interesting:  Nowhere in mainstream media do we find this major sighting in the U.S.  Maybe this could be in part because the question would arise, Is this our ship or theirs?  So many times we feel we are being visited from another planet or another galaxy, when in fact, it is our ship, our flyers, and the show has begun.  I say show because this is not to me considered a sighting.  At 7:00p.m. Arizona time the sun has not completely gone down.  This craft, being followed by fighter jets, would also bring more attention to the event.  If the ship is going to be followed by fighter jets and our technology is so advanced, and there is a huge violation of air space, why would these fighter jets not fire upon the ship?  If you spent billions of dollars on a craft would you want to shoot your own ship down?  I think not.  Am I saying this boomerang shaped ship was ours?  No, Iím not.  Iím saying itís possible.  Iím saying Lockheed Martin had been very busy boys.  It is time with the markets tanking and the economy dropping for us to be ready for the ultimate show.  In other words, itís not bad enough that the unemployment rate in America is over 10 percent, itís not bad enough that the three major auto manufacturers are beginning to face bankruptcy.  No, now it is time for something really scary to begin.  As President Reagan addressed in a public speech, ďWouldnít it be something if we were attacked by an outside alien presence which would draw the nations together.Ē  This of course, is paraphrased. 


The public is so far behind in understanding the real truth of this worldís technology.  The powers that be want us to think that we are barely above the stone age.  Oh, what a farce!  We have mass media now helping us out with finding so-called facts about UFOs and the societies that believe in them.  Have you ever noticed these mass medias seem to debunk 70-80% of what is witnessed or experienced?  We are also told there is no such thing as an abduction.  These are simulated through mind control and scientific experiments.  I ask you another question:  If you can make a person experience an alien encounter through scientific experiments, then who says this could not be tried on a larger scale to the mass public?  And of course, another question I would ask authorities:  If we are so in the stone age, where did we come up with the technology to make another human believe they have had an abduction?  It is my strong opinion that will not change that there is technology in the world today that we have learned from another source.  There are so many that would disagree with my point of view, and I frankly donít really care.  When the truth is really revealed it will be too late to change.  December 2012 will be here before you know it.  And we must understand that this is underneath Barak Obamaís reign.  Do you not think the powers that be have briefed our leader and chief about the implications that will take place in December of 2012?  Maybe you better rethink this through.  Life is about to change as we know it.  There are those of us still holding on to the good olí times.  But I am here to warn you that the good olí times were no more than a false matrix.  There is a reason a war is being fought in the Holy lands.  As the Joker of Batman Begins would say, I quote, ďItís all part of the plan.Ē  Brace yourselves as we continue down a sightful tour with many more Lake Havasu type shows appearing soon.  It is the beginning and it is also the end.  For those that desire to understand more deeply, you will search for the truth.  The truth will not be found in the midst of the masses.  You will have to overturn rocks, dig through quarries, or search the skies.  There is a shift coming.  The powers at be know this.  They are placing their personnel in the exact place and preparing for a shift that will draw man to his knees in fear.  There is a way out.  The question is, is your mind open enough to reach for the rope that leads out of this matrix?  We are told by religions this is what we do.  They tell us wrongs and they tell us rights.  Funny, they canít even obey their own wrongs and rights.  Religion is just a part of the ultimate plan.  Truth is not a part of religion.  Truth stands on its own.  I will not succumb to the untruths of this world, for I am guided by a grander scale of power.  That power that I follow keeps me in check and protects me from the powers that be.  I will expound on this at a later time.  Watch the night skies for the show is about to begin.