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The Truth Is Skewed When  We Discuss CLOUD SEEDING

     I have to take the time to report on an article that MSNBC posted on December 11th, 2009.  The article is found below these pictures I took on the West Coast of California.  These are my own personal pictures and these chemicals, which THEY will call "condensation" trails, do NOT dissipate.  For the many airline pilots that have been sworn to secrecy (there's actually a $10,000 fine if they speak out the truth) they will help the perpetrators behind this enormous deception in carrying out a massive attack on mankind's air quality.  If you read the article below the pictures, it comes out of Sacramento, California, and they begin to tell how this "so-called" cloud seeding is to help America with its drought problem.  What they fail to tell you is that these planes that I captured on film were not before a storm, nor after.  My point is that you should see the cloud seeding before, and maybe even while a storm might be coming.  They fly these planes every day.  Have you felt overly tired?  Aluminum and barium will change and effect your physical energy. 

     Even if we were to believe  these habitual liars, who is funding their agenda?  We are.  No, they don't tell you that, but we are financing our own death.  Let's simplify.  Weather modification is truly messing with the Creator and His system.  He hasn't failed yet, so why mess with something that works?  You might say to yourself, it's not working, there is major drought all over the world.  I would agree with you.  But here's something to think about.  The major drought started when these planes began to fly.  They have been flying for years and unfortunately they are dropping a lot more than just aluminum and barium outside the backside of these planes.  Blood cells are being dropped and micro-organisms that are changing who we really are.  They're changing us from the inside out.  They're polluting our water, they're polluting our air, they're polluting our food and of course, this runs right in line with taking away our vitamin supplements and handing them over to the pharmaceutical companies.  You'll need a Doctor's prescription to get a vitamin C.  They're draining our aquifers, they're depleting our lakes and they're causing droughts where they need water, and they're causing floods where they don't need water.   You cannot hold back the powers of the Creator.  They're messing with the wrong guy. 

     When I saw this MSNBC article, this was written because people are starting to notice their polluted skies.  So, if we look into the air and believe their propaganda (cloud seeding) then we'll give them the "two thumbs up" and we'll go on our merry way.  The problem is our merry way is going to be directed right to their pharmaceutical hospitals.  As the Joker would say in the Batman, "It's all part of the plan."  And of course, those flying these planes, or the contractor Evergreen, can all be bought for a buck.  I find it comical that instead of limiting water to industrial complexes who are huge wasters of water, or golf courses, where water is used for the elite, (just ask President Bush) they instead promote dirty cars and less produce.  Perverted thinking is just that, perverted.  When I look into the sky and see the many poisons dropped out of these planes, there's a sense of helplessness within me.  This helplessness turns to anger.  The apathy of the general public heightens my anger.  It seems no one cares and everybody listens to the media propaganda lie.  So, what are we to do?  Go to our elected (bought and paid for) officials?  They'll look at us like we have lobsters in our mouth.  Write President Obama?  He'll just send us the MSNBC propaganda news article.  It seems it is hopeless.  So now I propose another solution.  Pray for an electromagnetic force to surround you and protect you from this onslaught of death particles.  Seems crazy, but it's no more crazy than everyone denying that there are such particles in the air.  If there are no chemicals in the air, why do I have pictures on this website?  Why are THEY threatening the scientists?  Why is there such a secret?  If THEY are cloud seeding, why is there not more news on the propaganda FOX machine?  Why has CNN not picked up the story?  How come Glenn Beck with all of his popularity does not talk about this issue?  Because they can't.  Because THEY will not allow it.  At least with putting these pictures up, I can show THEM that I'm aware of what THEY are doing.  And I will tell THEM personally, "You best stand down for you will meet a force much greater than you."  Now I feel better.  Cheers!


Cloud seeding for rain is a growth area in U.S.


Efforts still 'tiny' compared to other nations, but projects have tripled

updated 1:32 p.m. MT, Fri., Dec . 11, 2009

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - On a mountaintop clearing in the Sierra Nevada stands a tall metal platform holding a crude furnace and a box of silver iodide solution that some scientists believe could help offer relief from searing droughts.

This is a cloud-seeding machine designed to increase rainfall by spraying a chemical vapor into the clouds. Under the right conditions, it can help water droplets grow heavy, coalesce and fall to the ground.

Faced with water shortages, growing populations and the threat that climate change could make matters worse, governments around the globe have increasingly turned to cloud seeding in an attempt to wring more rain and snow from the sky.

But the efforts are threatened by budget cuts in states struggling to begin an economic recovery and by critics who insist the technique is unproven and might pose a threat to the environment.

"When there is a drought in a particular country, they start looking at alternative sources of freshwater, and cloudy air is one source," said Duncan Axisa, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., who supports expanding cloud-seeding research.

Government agencies and utilities throughout the United States spend an estimated $15 million a year on cloud seeding, and the number of projects has jumped by nearly a third in the last decade.

But spending in the United States is far lower than in many other countries. China spends an estimated $100 million a year on cloud-seeding efforts that include using anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers to blast the sky with silver iodide.

"What's going on in the U.S. is tiny," said Arlen Huggins, an associate research scientist at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada. "There's more being done outside the U.S. than here."

Other countries conducting cloud-seeding research include Australia, France, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Venezuela.

Utilities are big backers
In the U.S., utilities that run hydroelectric dams are among the most active cloud seeders. They say it is a cost-effective way to increase limited water supplies by 10 percent or more. Cloud seeding is also used in Texas and the Midwest to make hail smaller, reducing crop damage.

Lack of federal funding has not stopped dozens of other cloud-seeding projects run by public agencies and private enterprise. In 2008, 63 projects in nine states were reported to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. That's up from 48 a decade ago.

California officials estimate that cloud seeding throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains could produce another 300,000 to 400,000 acre-feet of water annually. An acre-foot is about enough water to supply a typical household for a year.

And proponents say cloud seeding is far cheaper than building a new dam or running ocean water through a desalination plant.

The National Research Council in 2003 found there was no convincing evidence to prove the technique works, but the panel's scientists acknowledged the potential and encouraged more study.

"I think there's more science necessary to understand what conditions it will work in and what won't work," said Roelof Bruintjes, a weather-modification expert at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. He was one of the authors of the 2003 report.

Remote-controlled seeding
Scientists say weather conditions must be right for cloud seeding to work. In the Sierra Nevada, if passing storm clouds are cold enough, a meteorologist in San Francisco uses a radio signal to turn on PG&E's mountaintop cloud seeder. The invisible silver iodide vapor is carried by the wind into the clouds, and it can begin to snow within 15 to 30 minutes.

Clouds can also be seeded by airplanes equipped to release the vapor.

Questions have been raised about the environmental effects, including whether the silver iodide solution used to stimulate snow harms water supplies. Silver iodide is a salt that does not dissolve in water.

The Weather Modification Association, which has a board comprised of federal researchers and program operators, published a study last summer concluding that years of research have shown no "environmentally harmful effects" from silver iodide.