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Test driving the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle up to 100 mph

After our story last week on Florida car builder Mike Vetter's
Extra Terrestrial Vehicle
spread across the Internet, videographer Michael Berenis went to Vetter's shop for a test drive including getting the ETV up to 100 mph. As crazy as you think it looks, it's much stranger in reality.

As we noted earlier this month, Vetter has built eight copies of the ETV, using various donor vehicles; under the skin of this edition rests the drivetrain from a Chevy Cobalt SS mated to a custom steel frame. Most builders who try something this wild lack Vetter's attention to detail, and as this video shows, the ETV isn't just bits of other cars welded and glued together.

One example: Vetter has the windshield custom made in Peru, because it's the rare shop that will make DOT-approved glass in such an odd shape. There's a rear-view camera to provide some vision behind the driver. Those porthole windows on the scissor doors are powered. And of course the car has air bladders so it can be given the stance of a computer mouse.

To say visibility out of the ETV is limited is to suggest there's that much to begin with. The design puts the side-view mirrors on the front fender, and the seating angle makes the ETV feel nautical. To see it all, at length, enjoy the video below.