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Diamond UFO jumps through 'pockets of time'

By Roger Marsh

UFO Examiner
Two Colorado witnesses report watching a diamond-shaped UFO with a geometric design on its underside that appeared to jump forward through "pockets of time" as it moved overhead, according to May 8, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

They first noticed a "strange glowing orb" hovering in the distance, but moved outside when the object traveled "extremely fast" toward their location.

The silent craft seemed to slow down over their home.

"There was complete silence in the house and all we heard was the whooshing sound of the wind," the reporting witness stated. "No plane or aircraft has ever sounded like this. There was complete silence, other than a very faint whoosh, as if the craft was slowing down over our house."

Outside, the craft appeared to be diamond-shaped with red and white lights.

"The craft had two red lights to each side, and two white lights on the front and back, but from a distance the craft would blink between the red and the white lights. When the red lights were visible the white lights were not."

But oddly, the object seemed to "jump" across the sky.

"It looked as though the craft was coming through pockets of time, disappearing and reappearing closer than before."

Each time the object turned off its lights, it appeared as though a "star" were moving toward them.

"The other identifying feature I noticed was that when the lights would turn off, it looked as though a star was still travelling towards us. Then the lights would come back on and it would be an on and off with this star and the craft lights until it got closer."

As the object moved overhead, they were able to look up into it and see a geometric design.

"I went outside just in time to see the underbelly of the craft, which was dark and shadowy with a somewhat geometric design, but it was so dark that I could not make out everything under the craft. But mostly it was a diamond with the four lights. When I saw the craft over the house, every single light came on - reds and whites. It lit up the rooftops and then I watched the orb dart into the trees, only 100 feet above the rooftops. And then when I had thought it disappeared  behind the trees and the neighbors house next door, I noticed that another bright orb was hovering on the left side of the house, one orb on each side probably a football field away, but far enough that I had to walk a few feet to find the other orb on the other side of the house."

They were able to watch both the orbs and the object.

"The first orb dropped so quickly in the sky, at a very, very fast rate. And the second orb hovered and then followed the first orb darting towards the ground, and then disappearing along with the other orb. My friend was standing 10 feet behind me during both, and she was able to see the side view of this strange diamond craft before it was gone and she noticed the other orb instantly."

No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the MUFON report. The incident occurred on May 8, 2011. No images or videos were included with the report. The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Colorado is a current 
UFO ALERT 5 rating,
 with a low number of UFO sightings nationally. Colorado had 3 UFO reports in April 2011 - while California had 46 sightings, the highest reporting state in the nation. Indiana is also on our Watch List.