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5 December 2009

A UFO apocalypse?

Opinion piece by Naomi Semeniuk stargazy377@aol.com, a Manhattan based writer who wonders what ETs might think of the way we treat Earth's environment                                       
A UFO apocalypse is unfolding every single day before our very eyes. Are constant UFO sightings globally accompanied by dire Mayan prophesy of a polar shift along with solar flares and earthquakes as well as other cataclysms the writing on the wall for humanity and the planet?

Interestingly, the web-bot project also predicts a pole shift in 2012. Ufology and the countless UFO sightings seem to be waking up humanity even though far too many are just not paying attention. The forever recurring theme of waking up human consciousness with its unimaginable impact is what this seems to be all about.
How many will come out of all of this unscathed? Tibetan monks with an alleged ability to remote view have seen for 2012 a world rattling with unprecedented turmoil with extraterrestrials intervening on a grand scale. Some claim we already have ETs intervening and leaving their indelible impact now all over the planet. Every government on earth should be investigating every genuine sighting: but they are not.
Can mankind be cured of its seeming inherent savagery? With so many current day wars proliferating on the planet one has to wonder. Many of the ET abductees from the late John E. Mack abduction study group had flashes of the earth crumbling into darkness during their abductions.
Had they became aware of admonishments for earth triggered by a wiser ET presence during their abductions? Were they envisioning 2012 through the ET beings they encountered? Or were they flash forwarding to  what could happen if we continue on this free-fall of increased carbon dioxide, solar flares and the man made environmental pollution and ecological desecration and inevitable death of man, the earth and its living creatures? 

The precarious state of polar bear populations should ring SOS alarms. If the polar bears are saved, then it would be a reassuring sign that something genuinely hopeful is on the horizon. When the survival of polar bears is mentioned, it's like an unspoken foreboding in ones consciousness that affects the human species in a really big way.

If it is not enough that precious creatures like the polar bear might die out never to be resuscitated, many environmental experts allege that earth is also running out of clean water. There must be a karmic price on a grand cosmic scale to pay for all of this.
Farm factories along with all their accompanying cruelty are seen by many activists as another one of many man-made abominations perpetrated on earth and its creatures, seriously threatening our environment.
A breakdown of this system of profound exploitation in 2012 might force us to change the way we think about time itself: thus changing life as we know it. 
Veganism might be one of the ways to relieve the planet of some lethal toxic but unless such environment saving measures are adopted by the bulk of humanity they might not be enough.

Have we pushed earth to the brink?