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Source: ABC News

PHOTO: Sammy Hagar of Chickenfoot backstage at Chickenfoot's concert at Brixton Academy in this Jan. 14, 2012 file photo in London.

Christie Goodwin/Getty Images

Sammy Hagar

Rocker Sammy Hagar of Van Halen fame has been vocal about a theory that aliens wirelessly downloaded material from his brain.

"I saw a ship and two creatures inside of this ship…And they were connected to me, tapped into my mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection," Hagar wrote in his book "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock."

Hagar has also said that he believes he has been abducted by aliens in the past.

"[Aliens] were plugged into me. It was a download situation. This was long before computers or any kind of wireless. There weren't even wireless telephones," Hagar said in March 2011 interview with MTV. "Looking back now, it was like, 'F***, they downloaded something into me!' Or they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment.