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Massive UFO event in Norway: possible first open alien contact

10 December 2009

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
A massive UFO event has taken place in the Scandinavian nation of Norway. Tens of thousands of Norwegians over a vast area of the country's north, from Trondelang all the way to Finnmark witnessed a massive spiralling image (Photo and video below) explode in the sky above them. The event took place on Wednesday morning.
Norway’s meteorological institute is experiencing what it describes as a telephone ‘storm’ as thousands of witnesses call in and send their footage for examination.
Norway’s most famous Astronomer Mr Knut Odegard witnessed the event and commented that he has never seen anything like it and he has no idea what it might be. Likewise the nation's meteorological department is equally shocked and at a loss to explain the event. Air traffic control towers are just as confused.
Stunned Norwegians raced outside to see the UFO or aerial anomaly. Reuters in Norway reported the following witness accounts:

‘Bjørkmo Morten Kristiansen (23) had just come home from night duty when this bizarre phenomenon revealed itself before him.

‘First there was a very strong white light in the middle of the ring. Then it began to spread outwards. The green line or beam that you see in the picture appeared probably ten to twelve minutes afterwards. It was my father who discovered it. He had never seen anything like that before. We stood on the porch at home and wondered how this could be happening. I do not think it's the aurora which we are accustomed to seeing, said Kristiansen.
‘I heard nothing. It was like a gray shock wave that spread like a perfect circle beyond the horizon’, one witness noted.

‘It looked like it came over a mountain. First, it went into orbit, before it stopped completely. Then it began to revolve and spiral. Then there was suddenly a big ring, so big that it covered the entire sky’ said Stig Roar Hansen (38) who also witnessed the event.
Was this a UFO or a hologram sent to earth by aliens themselves looking to contact other beings? Has open first contact with aliens begun?

Photo courtesy Rex Features/
Daily Mail