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Invisible Residents Ė Ivan T Sanderson

May 5, 2010
By Neil Gould.

Invisible Residents, written by Ivan T. Sanderson, in 1970, with a forward by David Hatcher Childress, (the real live Indiana Jones).

A prolific UFO investigator during the sixties and seventies, a Zoologist by profession with experience in the Navy, was best suited to examine anomalous reports on physical objects both at sea and in the sky.

Ivanís interest was in USOís, under water submergible objects. The book examines cases, as far back as the 1600ís. Sanderson states two thought provoking conundrums, firstly, if it is not physical, it is not real, but then electricity is not physical and secondly that we do not have the vaguest notion of what is 100ft beneath our land and sea and nothing of Hydrospace. There in begins his journey, churning out many a mystery for the reader to take stock of his own reality.

Sanderson states that over 50% of UFOís are of an aquatic nature. He separates the phenomena into, those that use rivers, lakes and fresh water, lochs, gulfs or steep sided mountain edges where bases could have been built by ETís, ancient humans or the military in the deep oceans.

Planes arrived at their destinations faster than they could fly. Ships with dead or no crew, here Sanderson calculates the odds of foul play. Clearly some deaths are ET related, when a dead dog is found on deck, stiff as nails in a growling position as if frozen in its last moment. This is the Bermuda triangle, where Sanderson himself experienced various anomalies.

The book investigates many a ships log from hundreds of years ago, which predates the current truth embargo. Evidence is such that readers are left to conclude that some comets falling into the sea without a splash are intelligent objects; not of this earth. He coins the terms UAO or under water aquatic objects

Aeronautical engineers analyze a small North Columbian golden artifact in the shape of a plane. It appears to have been an object capable of vertical flight as well as flight underwater. The problem is that it is 1000 years old.

Interaction with Military and Navy officials clearly shows the extent of the UFO cover-up during the 1960ís.

Sandersonís profession as a biologist enabled him to analyze Thor Hyderdahls encounters with objects just below the surface. He could discern a whale from submerged vessel and luminescence from phosphorescence. He concludes that pulsing electro-magnetic waves could account for some blinking luminescence seen in aquatic bacteria.

In summing up, readers are left spellbound when Sanderson drops his bombshell describing the possible existence of OINTíS (other invisible intelligences). He puts into perspective the Earthís water capacity at 25% and land capacity at 75% (not to mention it habitable volume). He adds that we humans carry our salt water on land within our bodies; we are not as old as the sea creatures that could be twice or more evolved that we are. Then again, he hits us with the obviousÖ Welding, building and tunneling can be done underwater?

Neil Gould is a member of the Board of Directors

Exopolitics Institute