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Fran Drescher and UFO's

Source: ABC News

Fran Drescher recently said in an interview that she believed she and her ex-husband had shared similar extraterrestrial experiences, asserting that they may have been implanted with alien chips in their skin.

"You know, it's funny because Peter [Jacobson, Drescher's ex-husband] and I both saw [aliens] before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads," Drescher told the Huffington Post. "We were both in junior high. A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet. We both have this scar. It's the exact same scar on the exact same spot."

Jacobson told the website Drescher got the scar from a drill bit or from a burn, but his ex didn't agree.

"I said to him, that's what the aliens programmed us to think," Drescher said. "But really, that's where the chip is." On Friday, Drescher tweeted, "Must b a slow wk in huffingtonpost 2 rite an alien abduction story on me! R they goin tabloid?" She didn't deny or confirm the story.