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UFO's over Chilliwack BC as summer of contact continues
 By Jon Kelly, Vancouver UFO Examiner


A UFO expands its luminous body while flying over Chilliwack, BC in the early morning of July 10, 2011.A UFO expands its luminous body while flying over Chilliwack, BC in the early morning of July 10, 2011.



A new video captured in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 10, 2011 shows a pair of mysterious objects flying west over Chilliwack, BC. The digital night vision recording reveals how one of the two objects gradually expands into a ball of light that appears many times larger than its partner before quickly contracting in size. The phenomena observed in the video reflect images streamed live from NASA TV showing UFO’s expanding while flying through the earth’s atmosphere. Reports of UFO’s from the Fraser Valley are nothing new with one major local newspaper and the provincial Ufological society describing a number of related events. However, in their written comments provided earlier this afternoon, the Fraser Valley Paranormal Research Society mistakenly inferred that this video was the product of a “consumer hand held video camera … never designed to take pictures [of objects that are] thousands of kilometers away [?]”.        

View the new UFO video recorded at @1:50am PST on Sunday, July 10, 2011 by clicking here.

Night Vision like NASA Imager

Recordings made using infrared light-sensitive cameras from both orbiting space vehicles and ground-based observers that reveal UFO’s expanding and contracting their luminous bodies while in flight demonstrate how such phenomena can no longer be kept secret from the public.  

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s own infrared video footage shows UFO’s expanding and contracting in flight through the earth’s atmosphere as recorded during Space Shuttle missions and streamed through live NASA TV news feeds. In one example, a disc-shaped object suddenly expands at 3:44 on the video timeline, mirroring the phenomena recorded from Chilliwack, BC early Sunday morning. NASA’s secret UFO’s were identified, archived and revealed to the public by Martyn Stubbs, a Vancouver television station manager whose SecretNASAMan channel on YouTube includes 243 mysterious video clips from his collection.

Local Paper describes Eerie Events

Videos of UFO’s flying over Chilliwack, BC in the summer of 2011 further substantiate documented claims of mysterious sightings from the same area during the previous summer, revealing how perennial unexplained traffic populates Fraser Valley night skies.

The Vancouver Sun previously reported how numerous witnesses saw and photographed “eerie” nocturnal lights in the Chilliwack, BC area last summer.

"I thought I noticed something odd with a really bright object in the eastern south sky towards Chilliwack," wrote one witness. "I thought at first it was a star or satellite but it was way too big and way too bright and it moved too fast and steady to be a helicopter spotlight."

Color Changing on Video

Other video showing tandem objects in flight over the region recorded in visible light confirms that such phenomena do occur and can be seen by the naked eye.

This YouTube video from early 2010 also shows an event similar to Sunday morning’s incident. Two color-changing objects are recorded from Chilliwack, BC with one of the objects simply vanishing from the sky in cloudless conditions.

UFOBC Reports Chilliwack Sightings

Written accounts from witnesses describing UFO sightings in the region further substantiates claims that such phenomena are taking place over Chilliwack, BC. UFOBC, the provincial Ufological society, has included the following two reports in the July 10, 2011 edition of their recently reported sightings:

Reported 28-Apr-2011
July 2010, Chilliwack, BC:

Me and three friends were walking down a construction road with a field to our left. All of us were looking up at the full moon glowing brightly in front of us and all of a sudden a bluish white flash crosses infront of the moon and goes to the field beside us. 1 of my friends kept watching it and he seen it fly to the top of a huge tree and then disappear into space. After that me and my friends all looked at each other in wonder and kinda scared and were all like WTF to each other and while we were saying WTF all of a sudden something flew over our heads and we could all feel it fly over us and our hair went up on all of our necks and we all just ran to my house at the same time. Now tell me why people see UFOs everywhere and the government and nasa dont say anything about it?

Reported 28-July-2011
April 2011, Chilliwack, BC:

I just sent a message before this saying the dates were july 2010 and april 2011 and I missed the april 2011 one. The first UFO experience I had was certainly a UFO and was the most intriguing, but this month (april) I was driving down a hill in chilliwack and there were rain clouds out and in the distance I seen a huge bright light maybe bluish white but mostly white ball and I literally stopped my car in the middle of the road and stared at it. All of a sudden a small plane appeared out of the light and the light dissapeared as if the plane came out of the light or something. It's possible that the light was just a fog light attached to the plane but this was a seriously big light and the light was triple the size of the plane so i dont think it was a fog light. Also... this month like a week after the light/plane sighting me and my bro were looking into the sky during a very clear night and saw what looked like a star that was moving slowly, then stopping for 2 minutes then moving a different direction, then stopping for a few minutes then moving. It wasnt a helicopter because it was as bright as a star and waaaay too high in the sky to be helicopter, and it looked exactly like a star and it wasnt a satelite becuase satelites dont stop then move different directions then stop then go?

Military Awareness Inevitable

Civilian recognition of signals from unknown objects flying over Chilliwack, BC confirms how long-standing military operations in the area have sustained situational ET presence awareness through advanced air traffic monitoring and detection equipment.

One source describes the history of Canadian military forces in the region as “thought to have began with the Royal Engineers who established a camp at Sumas near Chilliwack Mountain in 1858. From the camp, they conducted surveys and established boundary markers along the border to the south.

Camp Chilliwack was opened on 15 February 1941, as part of a government decision to establish a military training facility in the region. Initially, it served as a garrison for several army units that had been formed for terrestrial defence.

In 1966, Camp Chilliwack was renamed to Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack (CFB Chilliwack) as part of the Canadian Forces unification program. Along with the change in name, CFB Chilliwack assumed additional responsibilities, such as providing support to all of the CF units on the lower mainland and assuming responsibility for the Jericho Beach Garrsion in Vancouver. In 1970, Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School was established at CFB Chilliwack and offered a tri-service Basic Officer Training Course. In 1994, the 3rd Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (3PPCLI) moved from CFB Esquimalt on Vancouver Island to CFB Chilliwack.

Due to budget cuts, CFB Chilliwack was closed in 1997 and new bases were found for the units located at the former CFB Chilliwack. The Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School was moved to St-Jean, Quebec, the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering was moved to CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick, and 3PPCLI moved to CFB Edmonton, Alberta. Because of the closure of CFB Chilliwack, a need arose for a supporting formation to provide area-wide support for the Canadian Forces units remaining in mainland BC. In response to this need, 1 Area Support Group (1ASG) was created in 1999. On 4 February 1999, ASU Chilliwack was formed and allocated as a unit within the 1ASG.”

The same source also describes how “ASU Chilliwack supports the following Canadian Forces units on the British Columbia Mainland:

39 Canadian Brigade Group

The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own)

The British Columbia Dragoons

15th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

39 Combat Engineer Regiment

6 Field Engineer Squadron

44 Field Engineer Squadron

54 Field Engineer Squadron

12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

The Rocky Mountain Rangers

The Royal Westminster Regiment

6 Intelligence Company, Detachment Vancouver

12 Field Ambulance

12 Military Police Platoon

744 Communication Regiment

HMCS Discovery

192 Airfield Engineering Flight (Abbotsford)

Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (Vancouver)

National Defence Quality Assurance Region (Vancouver)

National Defence Public Affairs (Vancouver)

University Liaison Office (Vancouver)

Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific)

Questionable Conclusions

One local research organization that was contacted for this article did respond in writing. However, the dismissive tone of their remarks was sharply punctuated by an apparent misinterpretation of the data.

In their review of this most recent Chilliwack, BC UFO video, the Fraser Valley Paranormal Research Society wrote how “Video footage of ufo phenomenon is usually fuzzy and out of focus because it is usually recorded with hand held video cameras that were never designed to take pictures thousands of kilometers away at night. The presence of ufo's are commonplace reality. Unfortunately consumer held cameras are unable to properly record them - FVPRS.com”.

While such generalizations from FVPRS regarding image quality may be true for some types of UFO documentation, they do not apply to the video in question for a number of good reasons. The Chilliwack UFO video was recorded using a tripod-mounted camera rig including one manually focussed night vision imaging system that reportedly detects infrared light transmissions as faint as 0.0001 lux at f 1.2. Due to longer wavelengths, infrared light is less subject to atmospheric dispersal and therefore allows observers to study subjects including celestial objects millions of light years from earth (objects which are often too faint to be detected by the naked eye alone).

These facts regarding the instrumentation used do not reconcile with erroneous and misleading conclusions inferred in written comments from FVPRS regarding the evidence provided in the Chilliwack UFO video. It is this reporter’s hope that in future, FVPRS will exercise greater diligence by establishing the facts of each case before issuing conclusions when responding to requests for information from an informed and interested public.

In light of such preventable misunderstandings, it is likely that more exposure to and orientation with the use of digital night vision recording equipment for detecting the signatures of advanced ET civilizations operating over North American airspace will be of great scientific, artistic and educational benefit to anyone who is seriously interested in exploring such topics.

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