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January 9, 2010
By Dr. Gary S. Day

There has been much debate and argument about what has become known as Chemtrails.  But one thing that I have never seen written, or have heard from others, is the monetary cost.   Cost in terms of health and projected conspiracies are talked about in abundance, but none speaks about what it is costing, not only to our country but to countries around the world.  For the spraying of barium, titanium and aluminum salts, and other chemicals is going on around the world, except possibly over the skies of China.  So I did a little calculation, and purposely stayed on the conservative side in estimating the costs, to see how much is being spent on the spraying by the United States.  I hope this article will help stir people up to get answers concerning the amount of our tax dollars that are exhausted on these Chemtrails.

Below is how I conservatively figured what the cost is:

Preliminary assumptions

1) There are at least five planes per location, and at least five hundred locations covering 500 square miles each.

2) Each plane flies at least six hours a day for two hundred days a year.

The below items were not calculated into the projected monetary expenditures.

1) Man-hours, for this is a military run operation

2) Cost of spray equipment and installation of the same

3) The cost of airplane maintenance and modifications

Items                                                                                        U.S Dollar Amount

Estimated fuel cost per day per plane                                                            750

Estimated chemical costs per plane per day                                               750 


Times the number of planes at a location                                                          x5     


Times the locations per day                                                                               x500


Times the number of days per year                                                                 x200

= The cost for the US taxpayer per year                                      750,000,000

Times the estimated number of countries participating                         x100

Annual cost for worldwide for Chemtrail spraying          75,000,000,000

In case you get lost in all those zeros, it is $ 75 Billion dollars per year worldwide.

You can rest assured that the US is picking up the tab for at least 80% the Chemtrail spraying in these other countries also.  If that is true, then the US is spending sixty billion one hundred and fifty million per year on Chemtrail spraying.  So, where is the money coming from and who is accountable for the expenditures, and who is overseeing the spending?