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Is this Man Lucifer?

April 21, 2009

Is this Psy-op a Portent?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

It's disturbing when a respected Illuminati researcher like Wes Penre is taken in by a psy-op. But we can learn from his mistake, and also glean some credible information from the lies directed at him.

I like Wes and admire his website
Illuminati news.com where he often posts my material. However, I don't intend to compound his error.

Starting in January, Penre has written
an astonishing five-part series about a Tennessee-based, 35-year-old playboy- tycoon who Penre says is literally the incarnation of Lucifer but "redeemed." It's all hush-hush and Penre's life is in danger.  He has been contacted by defectors who said young Supriem David Rockefeller dictates to the likes of Henry Kissinger, Zbig Brzezinski and George H.W. Bush. He is going to save mankind by instituting a benevolent New World Order. He wants to atone for the Rebellion against God which is the source of all of mankind's problems. He wants us to accept his rule so he can clean up the mess. (Right, and I have some land in Florida...)

"I truly do believe Supriem is Lucifer, " Penre says. Penre's acceptance of this hoax is worrisome. If an intelligent, rational person like Wes Penre can succumb, what will happen to the rest of us?


Penre explains
Supriem's origins
with a comic book legend straight out of Superman.  Supriem's  grandfather worked at Area 51 and met aliens "who told of the Supreme child who will be born in 1974 who will be the true Messiah, God incarnate and only part human. The child will have to choose which path to travel, to bring Revelations in the Bible to fruition or bring the planet into light and life from the Urantia book."

Penre was told each President of the United States has a Urantia Book in their office. It is known as the Blue Book, that is why the USAF called the UFO investigation Project Blue Book. "If this is true, it makes sense why people like Bush, Clinton, Obama and most of the other Presidents throughout history have eagerly worked towards the goal of a One World Government."

Evidently this psy-op is about substituting a Luciferian narrative --the Urantia Book-- for the Bible. It is about shifting the moorings of Western civilization from Judeo Christian to occult foundations.

Penre writes: "In 1974 there was a crash with 5 alien survivors that was taken to Barksdale AFB where Supriem's mother was on base, but as a civilian - Supriem does not want her name revealed at this point in time....They took her to meet the alien race and she said the next day she found out she was pregnant with Supriem."


"So in essence, it was an immaculate conception ... she did not have sex with any of these aliens -- she couldn't have, because Supriem has DNA from different races, including Anunnaki, Draco Triple Helix, Elohim and more. He has triple helix blue blood in a chimera state with red blood and more than one DNA sequence, which is what chimera is. His triple helix is the reptilian blood."

The Rockefellers "knew who he was" and formally adopted him. The source won't say which one, but he acted as a mentor and set young Lucifer up in businesses. Penre has confirmed they include banking information systems, satellite communications and some secret laser weaponry which will decapacitate any nations reluctant to accept his dominion.

We have heard about "predictive programming." This lore suggests that movies and comic books might be preparing mankind for the New World Order. We are being dumbed down to the point that we might actually accept their premises as real. Penre has done
an article on the movie "The Iron Man" which relates the hero's redemption to Supriem's.

Like a movie superhero, Supriem  "has a chest implant that is not from Earth. It is alien nanotechnology that is at least a million years more advanced than anything we have here; it also regulates the energy in his body."

"He keeps the implant charged by ingesting mono-atomic Platinum and Gold along with about 60 other trace elements. He takes it everyday in liquid form and another in a thick white powder. His body is more electric than several humans combined. Without this implant, he wouldn't be able to function in a 3 density body; he's too powerful. But now, with this implant, his energy can be regulated so his body won't blow to pieces by his spiritual power."

"Supriem doesn't read, he mentally photographs pages up to five million words per minute. That is not a typo, five million. One of his closest military men has seen him go through an entire book as fast as you can turn the pages but he does it with the book turned upside down and he goes and starts at the back. He also has a 100% recall rate. His memory is scary!
 Supriem is a Master of "everything" ...

He also has a hot girlfriend "Hathor" whom he "reanimated" from an Egyptian queen. He is also known by the name "Chris Hanes" and pretends to be regular party guy. But that is just a disguise. I can't believe my friend believes this nonsense.


According to Penre's sources, the NWO is going to be called the "Allied Union" and the world currency will be the "Allied Unit."  There will be no coins or paper, just chips and units on a computer screen.

"Their first priority is complete nationalizing the mortgage industry, next is nationalizing the banking industry. We, the people, will be told that the solution is just temporary, but they intend to keep it permanent....

"Most people at this point in time think that gold prices are going to soar, but according to an Insider, Supriem is actually planning on crashing the gold. No one believes it will crash, and lots of people are buying it. This time next year gold will be under $300/ounce and they will have killed GE, BofA, Citi Bank and others just like AIG,  so it all can be Nationalized."

Penre says the Power Elite don't call themselves the Illuminati. ..."Inside their organization they call their Inner Core "The Priesthood of Amen" and the Outer Circle is called "Lucifer's Web". The Inner Circle of the Priesthood consists of 12 High priests, and from my understanding Supriem is number 13; same numerology as Jesus and his twelve disciples as well as King Arthur and his 12 Knights of the Round Table."

"Lucifer's Web controls world banking, The Media, even the military, including NATO, UN, and the Intelligence and Space Agencies. Supriem controls the Entertainment Industry as well. Once they Nationalize the banks, they will institute the Supriem [TV] Network..."


Although this is a hoax, it does elucidate our situation. It makes me think of Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" where people actually went into a panic because of a realistic newscast of a Martian invasion.

Although I have always been favorable to the idea of UFO's and aliens, I now see how they could be used to justify world government. What if the news told us Supriem Rockefeller was indeed Lucifer with super powers, the result of prophesy and alien-human cross breeding?
(And I thought Barack Obama was cast for this role... )

The Illuminati watchword is "Believe what i tell you, not what you see." The occult is all about smoke and mirrors. Prophesy cannot be verified and tends to be deterministic. All the more reason we should believe only what we witness and scrutinize ourselves. We need to make common sense the final standard. We should be guided by our innate sense of what is natural, honest, just, healthy and wholesome.

Supriem David Rockefeller is a psy-op designed to test our gullibility and willingness to accept tyranny in exchange for a spurious promise of a better world.