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You're Not alone

Our story is real!

Proof....   We have photos of the after affects, eye witness reports, hospital records and
UFO Field Researcher Reports.
These Intrusions have been happening in our family for generations, and for most of us, began around five years old.
So I truly do understand what YOU are going through! I am here should you need to share your troubles.
My greatest wish is to bring some kind of understanding , guidance and support to you. You do NOT have to be alone with all of this!
It is not about "Are they really here?" anymore, it is about " We know that they are here, now what?"
We all have a piece to this giant puzzle....the more of us come forward with our experiences, the better we will understand who and what we are dealing with, and how to handle the after affects of these unwanted visitations.
We hope to hear from you soon.
Corina Saebels.

If you want someone to talk to, please email: spiritlight@shaw.ca