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Q: What inspired you to start a radio show called UFO Encounters Live?


A: I’ve been on national radio for five years now.  When I listened to, what I will call, the Big Boys, in talk radio, I always really enjoyed what they had to say.  They would talk about subjects that I felt were quite interesting.  But as time went on, in my own radio program, I realized that these Big Boy talk show hosts would not talk about certain subjects.  They seemed to have a huge slant on terrorism and always somehow backed the powers that control the world.  And when it came to the subject of UFOs, their mind was blank.  In other words, you might say, nothing on the radar.  This made me begin to wonder if there was some kind of media blackout.  I remember talking to a guest who wrote a book called, “The Last Dictator”.  He said that when I began to research the New World Order I would cross paths with the alien agenda.  Boy was he right.  I then began to listen to the UFOlogists.  There are two kinds. You have the secular UFOlogists that will not listen to anything spiritual.  And then you have the religious UFOlogists who bring their religious dogma into the UFO picture.  I am a spiritual person and believe in the Christ Force, but I do not believe that the Jesus I understand is the same Jesus that the masses worship on Sunday morning.  It seemed that most of the UFO shows I listened to had an agenda.  It was either talk about UFOs with no spiritual aspect, or it was talk about UFOs with religious dogma.  I believe both are wrong.  There is a huge desire for the truth.  UFO Encounters Live will search for that truth.



Q: Why do you talk about the spiritual side of UFOs so frequently?


A: Why not?  No one else does.  And when they do talk about the spiritual side, they’ve gotta bring their favorite religious preacher into the mix.  I could give a rat’s _ _ _  about someone’s favorite religious leader.  I want to know why these visitors are here and what they want.  The world is about money and the world is about fame.  But let me tell you what I have found out.  These visitors don’t give a rip about our matrix money.  They’re here to . . .



Q: Have you ever had an encounter with a UFO or been abducted?


A: I have never been abducted, and as far as an encounter, I’ve had a few sightings and one encounter.  I had a bright light come into the hallway of my house in the early nineties.  My girls were very young and I felt the need to make sure they were okay.  The fear that I encountered was beyond any fear I had ever encountered before or to date.  I was immature and uninformed.  I began to cling to my faith and the light left.  Sounds crazy, but strangely enough, it felt as crazy as it sounds. 


Q: What was your initial reaction when you discovered that the UFO phenomenon was real?


A: When you really learn the basis of truth, there is nothing to fear.  I was shocked to know the reality of UFOs and so-called aliens.  But as every major unconfirmed reality exists there is a lot of disinformation that fogs the truth.  The powers that be want the public scared.  Scared all the time.  Fearful at every corner.  Because when you are scared or have fear, you are easily controlled.  I don’t care how macho someone thinks they are, we all have to deal with the reality that we carry fear.  Fear is a truth.  Fear is a reality.  But fear can be blown out of proportion to make us fear what we don’t even understand.  In other words, the powers that be will take the fear we automatically carry and inflate it until we pop.  When we pop, we will bow to them as gods.  Not I, for the real truth makes the fear run. 


Q: What evidence do you have to support that UFOs are indeed evil?


A: Those that have truly been abducted will tell the truth about torture.  Rape in the U.S. is rampant.  Imagine being raped, not by someone you don’t know, but by something you’ve never seen.  I asked famous David Jacobs author of "The Threat" if he had ever encountered an alien lying to a victim.  His reply was, “No, they don’t lie.” 
I said, "Out of your hundreds of hypnotic regressions, have these aliens ever told their subject, 'This won’t hurt.'? 
Dr. Jacobs reply to me was, “Yes, they have said that to their subject.”  I  "Okay, have you ever asked your patients if it indeed did hurt when they were probed and examined?"

Dr. Jacobs then replied, “Well, yes they did experience pain and discomfort.” 
I then said to the Doctor, “Well that would make the aliens be liars.” 
His reply back to me was, “Well, that’s just a little white lie.” 
My comment to this is that so-called little white lie sure could cause a lot of pain to him if he was the abductee.  He might not find it “a little white lie” any longer. 


Q: In your research have you found that UFOs seem to land in other countries more than in the US?  If so, why?


A: In my research there is no evidence that UFOs land in any country or city more than another.  For some bizarre reason, crop circles are more evident and have a higher percentage of occurrences in the UK, versus the US.  It seems that fleets of UFOs are sighted more often in South America than anywhere else.  But as far as abductions, sightings, or anything else, it seems to be equivalent throughout the world.  We cannot escape.